Valmont Station Coal Ash Pond Remedial Activities, Boulder, Colorado
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Valmont Station Coal Ash Pond Remedial Activities

Boulder, Colorado

Xcel’s Valmont Station is a fossil fuel power plant that went into service in 1924, and at its peak was capable of generating 411 megawatts of electricity. At one time, Valmont was the largest power station west of the Missouri River and it remained the company’s largest Colorado generating station for several decades. The four oldest coal burning units stopped generating power in 1986 with Unit 5 remaining in operation until it was shut down in 2017 as a result of the Colorado Clean Air – Clean Jobs Act, supported by Xcel Energy.

As part of the plant closure, Xcel Energy is remediating the two coal ash containment ponds located directly north of the power block in the middle of Valmont Reservoir. An estimated 70,000 cubic yards of fly ash are present in the impoundments. E&I has been tasked with removal, transport, and placement of this material, much of which is located below ground water level. The waste is being transported and buried at an Ash Disposal Facility located on site. In addition, E&I is completing removal of approximately 88,000 square feet of sheet pile from around the ponds. Once all waste material has been verified removed, site regrading will be completed. This work is being carried out in accordance with Federal CCR ruling released in April 2015.