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Norwich Former MGP Site Remediation

In 2010, The New York State Electric & Gas (NYSEG) completed in situ solidification (ISS) and remedial activities at the Norwich Former MGP site located in Norwich, Chenango County, New York. The off-site area located across the street from the former facility contained product-impacted soils that also needed remediation. Great Lakes E&I’s project work included precut excavation of approximately 3,000 cy of soil to accommodate the volume expansion of soils during ISS, and ISS of approximately 12,000 cy of MGP-impacted soil extending an average of 26 ft deep and 2 to 4 ft into the underlying confining layer. The project was completed within the NY Susquehanna & Western (NYSW) railroad right-of-way (ROW) and in close proximity to residential homes with extensive odor control systems in place, including PIIAN misting system, BioSolve Pink Water, and Rusmar Odor Control Foam. Additional scope of work included demolition of a NYSW signal control building, vibration monitoring, transportation and disposal of ISS swell material, site restoration, temporary fencing, seeding, and installation of new signal controls/control building. The project was completed under budget and with minimal impact on the surrounding residents. All remedial targets for this contract were achieved or exceeded for the scope of this project.