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Great Lakes Environmental & Infrastructure’s Value Engineering Makes for a Successful CCR Closure

Great Lakes Environmental & Infrastructure (Great Lakes E&I) has successfully completed another CCR ash pond closure project consisting of two sheetpile impoundments located centrally within three reservoirs which supply water to the plant boilers. Great Lakes E&I worked with our Client to implement value engineering options to the project design including structural stability analysis to identify the safest way to remove the sheetpile and the CCR material; staged drawdown of one reservoir to remove ash outside of the sheetpile; and blending the saturated ash with other CCR materials to facilitate placement and compaction. This approach allowed for the work to be done safely and cost-effectively with project completion on-time and on budget.

By the Numbers

Removal and discharge of 10M gallons of water in contact with the ash

Excavation of 51,000 CY of embankment material

Removal and recycling of 66,000 SF of sheetpile

Removal and discharge of 250M gallons of water from the reservoir

Excavation, transportation and placement of 61,000 CY of saturated ash material

Restoration of the embankment with 14,000 CY of general fill, 56,000 SF of geotextile, and 4,300 CY of riprap

Placement of 13,000 CY of intermediate cover over the placed ash

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