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We continue to provide innovative environmental remediation and are happy to announce we are a sponsor of the Ninth International Conference on Remediation and Management of Contaminated Sediments.

This conference, which will be held Jan. 9-12 in New Orleans, Louisiana, provides a forum for leading organizations active in site remediation research and application.

Organizations will be able to share research results, practical experiences and opportunities associated with remediating, restoring and managing the environmental and economic vitality of waterways.

Our executive board will be participating in this conference that is expected to have more than 1,000 scientists, engineers and professionals. Participants from our organization include:

  • Kevin Corradino – Vice President of Business Development – Northeast
  • Jeff Sallas, Vice President of Southeast Region
  • Jtannar Wiens, Quality Control
  • Rich Walsh, Vice President of Operations
  • Eric Woodall – Regional Vice President of Southeast
  • Russell Stapp – Vice President-Technical Services/CCR
  • Jason Guenther – Vice President of Northeast Region

Our own Jtannar Wiens will be hosting a presentation titled: “Analytical Methods for Testing Reactive Cap Composition.” Jtannar will discuss the development and modification of analytical methods to demonstrate that the cap that was constructed had reactive cap layers that met the design for the reactive component mass per surface area.

You can check out our team at booth 225.

Conference Program

Other programs at the conference include the following topics:

  • Sustainability and Adaptive Management
  • Cap Design and Modeling
  • Remediation of Urban Waterways
  • Evaluating Sustainability
  • Groundwater/Sediment/Surface Water Interactions
  • Evaluating Contaminant Fate and Transport in Sediments

The technical program also includes four panel discussions:

  • Advances in Sediment Remediation
  • CERCLA and Clean Water Act Cross-Program Coordination Strategies
  • Implementation of Adaptive Management: What’s the Obstacle?
  • Environmental Processes and Monitoring

Remediation and Management of Contaminated Sediments

Maintaining the viability of aquatic systems requires many complex actions that raise a range of environmental, economic, political and social issues. This conference will provide ample opportunities to meet and engage with other environmental professionals, and is just one way our company continues to make strides toward being the best.