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With onboarding our new VP of Environmental Health & Safety, Leo Grinsteiner, and introducing the Safety Dashboard, we’re continuing to put safety at the top of our priority list.

Battelle Conference

Our health and safety efforts continued with our visit to Battelle’s Tenth International Conference on Remediation of Chlorinated and Recalcitrant Compounds, the world’s largest and most comprehensive meeting on the application of innovative and existing technologies and approaches for characterization, monitoring and management of chlorinated and complex sites. The conference’s ongoing goal is to provide attendees with an advanced, technical program on environmental safety solutions and networking opportunities with multiple environmental professionals.

Our executive board participated in this conference. Participants included:

  • Gregg Nickel – SVP of Business Development
  • Kevin Corradino – VP of Business Development – Northeast
  • Matt Marks – VP of West Coast Operations
  • Kevin Strahley – COO of Great Lakes E&I

Conference Program

The program conference included the following topics:

  • Management Strategies
  • Emerging Issues
  • Green and Sustainable Remediation
  • Amendment Technologies
  • Remediation Technologies
  • Characterization, Fate and Transport
  • Advanced Diagnostic Tools and Strategies
  • Technology Development, Transfer, and Regulatory Acceptance
  • Assessing Remediation Effectiveness
  • International Environmental Remediation Markets
  • Vapor Intrusion
  • Metals
  • Management of Petroleum Sites
  • Soil and Facility Restoration

The program also included panel discussions from environmental experts, including topics in:

  • Thermal Remediation
  • China’s Emerging Remediation Business
  • Complex Site Remediation
  • 1,4-Dioxane’s Remediation Dilemma
  • Pump-and-Treat Exit Strategy
  • Stakeholders on Key Environmental Issues?
  • PFAS Emerging Contaminant Class Programmatic Issues
  • Geology for Improved Remediation Decision-Making
  • Vapor Intrusion
  • Advances in Injectable Activated Carbon


Effects of Chlorination

Battelle’s conference promoting the remediation of chlorination is extremely important to environmental safety. Chlorinated compounds are commonly applied to the sanitation of sewage and industrial wastes, as well as other areas. However, when coming in contact with this chemical, it can cause complications in airways and breathing, as well as irritation in the eyes, throat, and skin over time.

Attending the Battelle conference is another step in growing our safety initiatives, and we will continue to attend conferences like these and educate ourselves in the best practices in environmental safety to serve our clients with integrity.