Great Lakes Environmental & Infrastructure (Great Lakes E&I) is one of the largest environmental contractors in the United States with a national presence, maintaining thoroughly integrated environmental remediation and infrastructure technology services. We use broad expertise and deep resources to solve your problems and get the job done – no matter the objective, scale, or deadline. We are a subsidiary of Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Corporation (NASDAQ: GLDD), the largest dredging contractor in the United States and the only one with an international presence. As part of the GLDD family, Great Lakes E&I has access to GLDD’s long established history of sediment dredging and coastal restoration project delivery and engineering capability – 128 years in the making.


Great Lakes E&I was founded to provide high quality environmental remediation and infrastructure technologies to public and private sector clients. We have delivered hundreds of safe and successful projects in a variety of settings utilizing innovative technical solutions and implementation strategies that render the best possible value. At Great Lakes E&I, client partnership is paramount, from initial project development and engineering design through field construction and remedy implementation.

​​​Great Lakes E&I and GLDD are committed to delivering innovative and high quality workmanship to our clients while executing every project with a focus on employee safety and One Solution – Yours. GLDD has never failed to complete a project, and Great Lakes E&I is proud to carry on this successful tradition.


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Feather River West Levee Project

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Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Company


Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Company, LLC (GLDD), is the largest dredging contractor in the United States and a major international competitor. With its foremost commitment being to the safety of its workers, GLDD operates on every domestic coastline and in many foreign countries. GLDD’s fleet of over 200 vessels includes the largest hydraulic dredges in the United States. The size, versatility, and technical capabilities of their fleet affords GLDD both the flexibility to select the most efficient equipment for a particular job, and the capacity to perform multiple projects simultaneously. Since 1890, GLDD has built an outstanding reputation for high-quality project performance and client satisfaction, and has never failed to complete a project.